Our Services


DAI has designed over 1000 wayside and crossing locations over the previous five years. The designs have included commuter, transit, street car and freight applications. DAI has complete seven street car system designs over the past few years, making it the leading organization in streetcar projects over that duration. DAI has also successful completed several large commuter system designs in the bay area. Additionally, DAI is a subcontractor to large signal design firms on project local and foreign projects for the purposes of software design as well as ladder logic and plan checking functions.


DAI provides installation and management services that include fiber optics, voice and data installation, CATV, MATV, CCTV, Access Control, Sonet, Ethernet Networks, Paging, Intercom, Fire Alarm, SCADA, and Visual Messaging.


DAI specializes in the pretesting, testing and commissioning of signal systems.  Our services include generating test procedures as well as performing on-site static, dynamic and operational testing. DAI has commissioned over 50 systems in the past 5 years. Systems experience has entailed large transit extensions into revenue service as well as modifications of existing systems during revenue service. Our experience has included transit systems on traction power railroads, streetcar systems, light rail and commuter lines as well as freight heavy rail systems.


DAI has an extensive amount of experience and backlog in material integration services. Material integration services include providing integration material packages for system modifications and prewired instrument shelters. DAI’s clients include freight, light rail, transit and street car systems. DAI has provided more street car system packages than any other organization in the country.

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